Shujog ACTS (Assistance for Capacity-building and Technical Services) is an innovative technical assistance program that allows social enterprises to work with ecosystem partners to raise much needed growth capital so that they can scale and impact more lives.

Shujog ACTS prioritizes helping women-focused businesses to grow and prosper.

Our Supporters:

Why Shujog ACTS?


Currently many social enterprises (SEs) operate on a small scale, but most have the potential to expand and bring about greater social benefit.

SEs improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable across Asia. Acting as a catalyst for the SE sector, ACTS unlocks impact investment for SEs and magnifies their impact.

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Are you ready for ACTS support?


Do you create innovative solutions to improve the lives of the poor and the vulnerable in Asia? Do you want to expand your business?

ACTS recognizes your need for growth capital. This program can help you become investment-ready, scale your business, and impact even more lives.

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Interested to partner with ACTS?


In our pursuit to grow the impact investing ecosystem in Asia, we partner with experienced specialist advisors.

Do you have a proven track record of delivering investment readiness services to small and medium enterprises and/or social enterprises in Asia? And existing relationships with impact investors?

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